Triangle Engineering . is a specialized elevator enterprise that designs, manufactures and processes the elevators and parts. The company is established in 2013, with excellent technology advantage and incorporating the elevator manufacturing techniques, we can design and produce various types of elevator product which can satisfy customer’s diversified requirements, our product includes 12 series which are Passenger elevator, Observation elevator, Bed elevator, Freight elevator, Car elevator,, Home elevator, Dumbwaiter, Escalator, Moving walk etc. In order to satisfy the requirements from different areas, users and levels, the company has established one-continuous-line of effective work system such as the elevator design, manufacture, installation, transformation, repair and maintenance etc. From design to manufacture, from installation to maintenance, we endeavor to satisfy the clients’ individual requirements. Our nation-wide service networks, well-trained engineering staff provides the customers with perfect services according to fixed work standard wholeheartedly. We have formulated and implemented a set of strict installation management process and operation rules to ensure our customers rest at ease. The company introduces the most advanced business management system. It establishes the comprehensive network management system which integrates CAD, CAM, ERP into one. It executes “5S1A” site management mode.  With ISO9001 Quality System Guarantee, it strictly accords with the Chinese and European standard to organize the manufacture.

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MODEL : SKU D18202

CEILING: D58009(Central part image arch ceiling,mirror frame with down light at two sides)
CAR WALL: 3 side car wall central part mirror hairline,auxiliary panel hairline
CAR DOOR:hairline
HANDRAIL: D77005(stainless steel single tube)

MODEL : SKU D58033

CAR WALL: Hairline St.St.
CAR DOOR: Hairline St.St.
FLOOR: PVC (D61011)
C.O.P: D36237

MODEL : SKU D18123

CEILING: D58033(Mirror St.St. frame with down light)
Car wall: Hairline St.St.

MODEL : SKU D58017

CAR WALL:Rear wall center panel mirror etched, auxiliary panel mirror, two sides wall hairline,front car wall hairline
CAR DOOR:Hairline St.St.
HANDRAIL: D77010(Hairline St.St.)


Model: Sku: HW175 ELEPHANT


Model: Sku MR12


Model: Sku: MR16


Model: Sku: MR26


Model: Sku MR10


Model: Sku MR13


Model: Sku: MR17