Vertiv SmartSolution
Integrated Infrastructure For Datacenter. Self-Contained Rack And Modular Rows With Built-In Cooling, Power Management, Networking And Intelligence
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Triangle Provide Vertiv SmartSolutions : Rapidly setup a new Datacenter or add capacity to an existing one. Save on Capex and Opex.

SmartSolutions from Vertiv offer a solution for rapid setting up and upgrading Datacenters. They are Datacenter enclosures with server racks built in, and also feature self contained : precision cooling, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression — all in a single enclosed system. SmartSolutions come in three variations SmartCabinet, SmartRow and SmartMod Infrastructure.

Datacenter in a box - Vertiv Smart Solutions

Rapidly deploy and manage IT infrastructure in just weeks without building new data center space. Vertiv Smart Solutions products help you meet your IT needs with significant savings. You can start small and expand over time .


SmartRow™ can be seen as a data center in a row. It is  a fully integrated infrastructure that is row-based. SmartRow comes with a design that is independent of the room and obviates the costs associated with several conventional approaches tp datacenter buildout.


SmartAisle is a holistic datacenter solution that  integrates your racks, power, cooling and management into a complete datacenter solution. It is an intelligent row based system


SmartCabinet™ comes with built-in cooling and power. It is a standalone self-contained rack and provides  housing for installation of active IT switches, routers, servers and other equipment. 

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Combine upto six datacenter racks into one row. SmartRow addresses a common need of expanding IT without the associated need of building a new datacenter. SmartRow is a completely self-contained enclosure for housing active IT equipment such as servers and routers. It has in-built precision cooling, fire suppression, monitoring and control systems – all of it in a single enclosed system. Upto six datacenter racks can be combined.

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Vertiv SmartAisle

Enjoy savings in Capex and Opex on your datacenter. Deploy Vertiv SmartAisle. It delivers a holistic datacenter solution. SmartAisle integrates your racks, power, cooling and management. Integrated into every SmartAisle are following : Modular and high efficiency power, a flexible power distribution feature,  a cold aisle for containment, a platform that is easy to configure, flexible rack PDU’s, and tools for managing the infrastructure remotely. 

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If you need to protect your IT on factory floors, warehouses, retail outlets, branch offices or any other place with bad ambient conditions, SmartCabinet provides a very cost effective solution. SmartCabinet is a standalone self-contained rack with built-in precision cooling, UPSs, Power management and monitoring controls. The enclosure can house IT equipment such as servers, switches and routers

Build agility into your datacenter

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